Healthy Greens

It’s like the movie Forest Gump say “ Life is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you gonna get next.” Many are the plans of the heart but God directs our steps. Indeed people in our lives they come and go, some leaves a mark and there are some they just passed by. But those who stays became your friends that builds a memories.

Along the way , I knew that most of us are still searching for things in life. Mostly a lot of us find their purpose and meaning of this life, some are immersed into complete satisfaction of life and some are those into complicated situations, some are empty and most of us are way too much to bear. Maybe you say , you really hit the mark! Yes , I do!

Sometimes, I comforted myself, blaming my hormones or it might be the chromosomes.Yeah right. I don’t know whom I’m communicating right now, but I’m only on my 40’s but I felt I’m living in a 96 years old body. Maybe you say, yeah it’s your hormones! Thanks for agreeing with me. With all people nowadays, who always holdings their phone, and in the world who loves to value themselves and the opinion of others , to the extent that they forgot their own identity.

Well, I got so much to say! Some of my friends always forget to come in our tea party because she’s busy fixing her tiktok appearance rather than to have a social life for an hour. Even at our age , yes it’s good to become updated, but social media is without limit can also destroy us. Anything that exposes us more than the requirements can able to destroy our relationship, we can neglect many things that can lead us to create a bad habit.

Here are some examples that I do to make things simple yet beautiful.

First , CREATE A JOURNAL where you can list things to do for the day or for the weeks. As working moms we tend to forget things. I started journaling now a days because since I go back to work many things has been neglected and I felt so embarrassed not only to myself but also to my family.

Second, SET YOUR PRIORITIES , our family is the most important to us. Make sure that we are always available at their service, I would say, they are our small group, our input are very important, as they go out to the world they carries our concerns. As we are concerned to their well being they also learn to care for others.

Thirdly, MAKE THINGS SIMPLE, it is fun to have a light and lively environment, to our homes and to our workplace. In this world whom people live up to the opinion of others. Life became so complicated because everyone wants to be heard, yet after airing their opinions they are still frustrated. This generation of “I, ME and MYSELF.” are govern with pride and insecurity. We us Generation X should arise and build a strong foundation of our relationship.

And many more to say , always remember that Simple is Beautiful, it is the best way to keep our way of life at peace. Remember, “ Trust in the Lord with all our hearts and do not lean on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)