” Fill your life with experiences not with things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. ” – unknown happiness engineer

Many things just had happen for the past few weeks that I’ve never been imagine as a start up blogger will experience. Anyway, its a lesson learned for me because of my ignorance or lacked of knowledge and research as well. Here’s what happen, after I published one of my blog- I had no chance to update my other blog because I am busy at work.

Then after a week or two I go back to check on my website and I was shock because my setting was disarrange and it was messy. Aside from that, I cannot open my website with my regular laptop and my desk top. Luckily I have my iPhone that helps me to contact Happy Engineers. Thank you guys!, with their tech support I was able to restore my website, take back my domain name although I pay a little amount of money to get my plan. [ ( Note: This is not a paid promotion, I’m just grateful for their help)

delighted to be back

I am so delighted to go back to work on my website, not just because my account was restored but also I have encountered a very useful theme that I am using to my contents right now. Heads up because I was about to brag about the theme: NATURAL THEME by Organic themes. Why am I boasting about it because it’s really natural, so light more easy to manage, it’s like I made the right choice this time in managing my business and my blog. Without further a due, I would like to copy some of the features of Natural Theme overview;

“Whether you sell fishing charters, advocate for local farmers’ markets, make organic lip balm, or promote saving the whales, Natural is a natural choice for your site. Natural is a simple and beautiful theme for nature-oriented businesses and brands. Its fresh, earthy design is soulful yet professional at the same time. Natural features a fully responsive design for a beautiful appearance on mobile devices. It features up to 3 featured pages that can be displayed on the home page template. It also features a clean horizontal layout for featured posts on the home page template. Natural features a portfolio page template with posts that can be filtered by sub-category. And, Natural features a 3 column page template with 2 sidebars for displaying twice the widgets and a lot more.” [ credit to ] ( again this not a paid promotion)

creating a content for your website

The first thing that comes up to our minds when we hear about website is business or formal business, a serious business that only the nerds or geniuses are capable of doing so. But, hey wait a minute that’s not true, now a days those mindset are no longer entertained by the exlennials , terms for generation X and millennials. From our skeptical point of view, we the generation X must see to it that we are not only surviving on this pandemic but also we have to thrive to survive.

Let me first elaborate what am I talking here, a website is a crucial tool to leverage our online marketing business, whether it is digital product or physical products. Website is the seal of authenticity of the business either it is online or offline. Here are some simple ways on how to create content for your website.


Since it is your content, why not make a difference but do not go far beyond, that you can not justify your content in the end. Make it simple and doable but it must be original. Don’t complicate your content.

Though most of the niche are repetitive, make your content stand out. It’s okay to do some research but not to the point that you are copying the contents word by word.

You must know the purpose why you are writing that content. To whom you are addressing those contents? Is it for women or men? Is it a product that you want to promote for certain age group? And many other kinds of purposes.

Your originality will come a long way. It might be hard on the first time but it’s okay. You reap what you sow especially if your content ideas will benefit others in the long run.


On the website like the one you are creating, you will need to structure an SEO- friendly content. This is how you draw attention to more traffic leads, such as clicks, shares, likes, comments, and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

It helps the search engine to optimized what is the content all about, the SEO understand it in a simple commands. The SEO friendly will help you to get ranking on your website. So, make sure to give the right to keywords to google when the search began.


Then, the question is , how did a Good Social media Integration happens? Those people who are already familiar on how to run the business in the social media platform they recognized the importance of having a website. It is the primary location that customers go when they want to find out more information .

The social media outlets like Twitter, Yelp, and blogging flat forms like to create and participate in a conversation of a company products and services. The positive conversation called “social proof” which is like compared to a friend who introduces a new products to a visitor, either it is a word of mouth marketing, or through posts and likes.

The social media platform played a vital role in promoting our contents, it helps us to reach out other demographics that also wanna learn how to make money online or want to learn simple marketing through social networking.


Aside from providing your audience an original content, always put in mind that your audience are the most important asset of your company. Even though your contents are the most promising one, if we don’t show respect to our audience tendency are we will be losing most of the potential customers.

Speaking directly to your readers with clear and direct message to your target audience will help you to be unique and not sounds like you a guru, that in the end you are asking them to join an affiliates that only you knows the answer. Remember, that most of the time your audience knows better.

Lastly, on one the many, put aside your own agenda when writing your content. People need help to find products and services that save them enough time, easy and affordable. Why not putting the most important information first and get to the point right away.

One of the example is how to put up the most powerful landing page? First,give the most important information, that in creating landing page, you will need a to create a landing page template, a you will need a name, then create a unique content like this and many more.

With this in mind I encounter a very good products that I am reading right now. Its called the Click Wealth System written by Matthew Tang. To check out Click Wealth System and for more information go to – (

There are so many contents to read on how to make a beautiful content. But most importantly learn and develop to speak your mind.

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