start up mindset motivation

Every year I like to find ways to inspire myself to do things on my own. Stimulating my mindset is one of them. For the last fifteen years, since I became a born again Christian, it’s already a habit to journal my meditations everyday. Starting from a mindset that was cultivated during the early yearsContinue reading “start up mindset motivation”

HOW TO CREATE CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE happiness engineer Many things just had happen for the past few weeks that I’ve never been imagine as a start up blogger will experience. Anyway, its a lesson learned for me because of my ignorance or lacked of knowledge and research as well. Here’s what happen, after I published one of my blog- IContinue reading “HOW TO CREATE CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE”


Nowadays if you hear about Digital Marketing , people think of eCommerce, online business, pyramid scheme, affiliate marketing and so on. It’s kind of I can agree on and it’s kind of I can disagree on. Though all of us are fall into that niche, many of us don’t know what to do next afterContinue reading “DIGITAL MARKETING FUNDAMENTAL”

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