Most of the platform that agencies using right now is through website marketing, website advertising. Every time someone approach me to join them about Digital Marketing , I ended up becoming loser because most of them are in the business of networking, building agencies of their own corporate world. Most people think when they join, that’s how digital marketing is all about! So, in this case I myself go to school to further more my investigation about what is Digital Marketing?


Millions upon millions of websites, every type and description are surfacing the web, and there are lot of options where to put your platforms. Which one are the most effective and which one are not. In the world of digital marketing everything can happen but only few can make a great difference.

Your niche can help you to enhanced the value of your online platforms. If you are not sure what you want to share to help your audience, why not start on the things that you like to do. If it’s really hard for you to pick a niche ,then think about it carefully. Are you ready for this?

In my opinion, working your online business or working on the daily job, you will be required both efforts and time in order to generate revenue and income. Most of the start up business online will require you to put more energy and money, and definitely more time than working on the corporate world. But later on, it will give you choice that you are dreaming of. There is no short cut to success.


In order to survive in the online world, you will need to research and study what the market has to offer. Many of the blogger and social media influencer are putting a lot of efforts to fulfill their own dreams. We need to adapt on the trends, but also do not depart from your goals and focus as well.

Digital Marketing world is like , you are evolving in your on world, you focus on your own ideas. But you need to involved others as well in order to become productive. Do not close your door on your own, because you created it. Be open for learning and suggestion in order to grow as well.

If you are thinking of ideas about how to make money online, it will not hurt you if you invest in yourself some books to read . The simple secrets behind money, wealth and success in the Millionaire mindset book helps me lot too. https://amzn.to/3tzJGYz . It helps me to realize that we are not on our own. Being adaptable is gifts and it can be cultivated too.

Join communities that offering help to improve your niche. Build a group that has the same niche as you, it will help you to grow your audience and you can also help others as well.

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