The Little Library

Little Library

The road are slippery, as I passed today I noticed a cute little house near the roadside. I wonder what it was so I stop by. Frosty tree branches are nearby, little did I noticed there is a bench beside. So I took out my phone and begin to take some photos and to my amazement there is a trail of woods. O what a beautiful sight it is. That the surrounding of this little thing there is an enchanted views that was hidden. After I examined the site, I go back to this little house near the roadside. Covered with snow and I got frost bite, still I stood beside to this little house. Out of my curiosity, I open the door of this tiny cute little house, and to my surprise there are so many books inside. Oh what a pretty sight on this wooden frosty bright, there was a little house with a bench beside, giving warmth to everyone because of its mysterious sight.

As I walked away from this little library, beside the roadside near the frosty sight. I noticed a post saying on this quote; ” Little free Library, Take a Book, Return a book, Leave a note!.” Everyday, people passed by, with their rushing mind and busy lifestyle, they seldom to notice this beautiful sight. Everyone on the Prairies are now rushing to the city, without even notice a tiny roadside library, but today I decided to write a story about this cute tiny library, hoping someday when you have a chance to drop by and see, there is a cute Little library near the roadside on the Prairie.

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