Mini-series continue (short story)

# CREATE ONE : Nice meeting you.

PART 2. ‘ You’re right! lights here are beautiful”, Hannah smiled as they approach the streets of Myeong-dong, it is a shopping area packed with international fashion brands. There are so many luxury department stores and many cosmetics shops. A lot of casual eateries on the side of the streets and many delicacies are being offered by many street vendors. Nearby is the famous Myeong-dong cathedral that features a Gothic-style bell tower. And as they continue touring the place in the early evening, they came across a café, where Michael and Hannah stop for coffee.

” Don’t you know that we still have our old house here,” Michael started ” and most of our relatives still lives here.”” I will meet them tomorrow and I want you to come with me.” “don’t worry they are very nice.” he said, while Hannah is busy on her phone. ” That’s good! what time tomorrow? I wanna go around the town tomorrow. I think, I’m gonna like this place .” said Hannah. ” What are thinking to do, Hannah?” Michael ask curiously, knowing the character of Hannah being adventurous. ” Nothing much at this time.” she casually answered Michael with smile. ” Wanna go for Karaoke? they have a famous place in Sinchon.” he said to Hannah. ” You’re the boss. Lets go!” Hannah exclaimed with excitement.

” Hi , how are you, how many people?” the waitress asked. She smile beautifully. ” Two please.” ” I thought you wanna go for karaoke?” Hannah ask Michael. ” Are you crazy? Girl this is the place on earth!, many K-Pop people come to this place at this time to enjoy. So, just live at the moment, can you ? Just once in awhile . Don’t be too harsh on yourself, my friend.” Michael continue looking around. ” Now you’re a fan huh?”, Hannah asked ” Not really ,but my cousin is a famous K-Pop star,” he said to Hannah excitingly.” I think, you need to meet him.” he continued. “Then, I meet him tomorrow.” Hannah exclaimed , because the bar now is too loud. ” Can we just stay for a bit more tonight, please?” Michael beg Hannah. ” Okay, ” she sighed.

Suddenly , a large crowed gather near the stage, and all of the sudden screaming and cheering and wild crowd. Then a familiar face came out to the stage. The crowd gone wild screaming; ” Ha Yun Lee!”, ” Ha Yun Lee!”. Then Ha Yun Lee begin to address the crowd,” Annyeong, how are you tonight?” he started . ” Thanks for coming here tonight, I hope you will have a good time.” he continued. Then the spotlight came to his face. ” Yun Lee?” said Michael with amazement. ” You know him?” asked Hannah unbelieving. ” Why, do you know him?” Michael ask back Hannah. No!”, ” I mean I saw him at the airport the day I was arrived. “He’s my cousin, but I never seen him for a long time. Ever since we migrated to Canada, I never heard of him.” explained Michael. ” Don’t you think he is attractive? He is also famous and good singer.” tease Hannah.” Nope!” said Hannah.

“Maybe he is the one, I can arranged your meeting with him.” Michael continued. ” Maybe he is the love you’re looking for,” he referring to Ha Yun Lee. ” Michael, stop! love will find its own way, just wait. I’m not looking for love right now. I’m looking for a washroom.” she finished, as she is rushing to the washroom.

Attention everyone, one of my staff find this phone at the ladies washroom .” Ha Yun Lee still on the stage having a fan meeting.” Ladies, please check your phone.” he continue. But no one claims the phone at that moment.

What took you so long? ” Michael asked. “I was calling you. Where’s your phone?” he asked. ”Oh no! I think , I left at the washroom of the karaoke bar.” Hannah was in shock. Because they already left the bar going back to the hotel. ” Ok lets go back.” they hurriedly back to the karaoke bar. Luckily the bar still open. ” Hi, did anyone leave an iPhone here. I left my phone at the washroom!” Hannah asked the waiter. ” Give me a minute.” the waiter asked politely. ” Ah, Mr. Lee has your phone Miss. He said that if you come back to look for your phone give him a call. Here is his number.” the waiter politely explain. ” Ok Thank you, bye!” they replied. Michael called the number immediately.

Quack! Quack! Quack! ” What is that sound?” Dehua asked , Ha Yun Lee personal assistant and bodyguard. ” hahahahaha” everyone burst in laughter after hearing the ringtone. ” What in the world is that?”, Keggy asked. ” this is a very expensive phone with a bad ringtone.” they all laughed. The phone rang again, ” Hello, Ha Yun Lee speaking,” ” Hey, Yun Lee! its me, Ha Song Lee .” Michael talking to the phone.” Who? Song Lee?” he shouted in amazement. ” Ha Song Lee, you here in Seoul right now? When did you come ? Hey, is this your phone? Where are you? I will come to see you now!” he said excitedly. The group rushed to the hotel where Hannah and Michael checked in.

” Hey man, how are you?” Its been a million years never seeing you.” I miss you so much!” said Yun Lee. Michael and Yun Lee hug each other as they greet one another at the hotel lobby. “By the way here is your phone.” Yun Lee started their conversation. ” O, its not my phone, Its my girlfriend phone.” he said. ” She dropped at the bar washroom, lucky your fans are honest.” Michael said. ” Wanna go upstairs to meet her.” Michael suggested. ” Sure thank you,” said Yun Lee. As they are approaching the hotel room, Yun Lee is very excited to meet his cousin girlfriend. He thought they were lovers. But his excitement turned into awkwardness. In front of him was a girl sleeping like a baby. Her face is like a baby, pinkish and so innocent. Hannah fall asleep in the sofa while waiting. Her mouth open and about to droll.

To be continued….

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