Opposite Attracts. Will they survive?” Can this be the beginning of something big? –short story

The last trip

” Sorry there is no name like that here!”….. phone was hanged up from the other line. Exhausted! Tired and almost blurry sight came to Hannah Kim after the phone was drop from the other line.

It was cold, foggy, dark night in Incheon International Airport when her airplane landed in the Korean peninsula. It was her first time to land in this foreign land, and her last destination before going back to her so called normal life.

“So quiet here,” she told to herself, so she decided to call the Airbnb booking that his bestfriend Michael made when she is doing her tour in Asia. She almost forget about this destination. She dialed her roaming phone so many times, finally someone on the other line picked up the phone. “Can I speak to Mr. Park?” Hannah ask. ” Sorry, who you?” said the guy on the other line. ” Mr. Park!” said exhausted Hannah. ” No Mr. Park name here!”, he drop the phone. Hannah left hanged in the open.

Meanwhile a new airplane just arrive at the runway. And all of the sudden, girls from all corners of the airport came to the entrance door screaming. ” Oh what a night!” she commented. Most of the girls are screaming so loud ..” Ha Yun Lee! Ha Yun Lee!”…..ahh! And they scream more and more. It’s so loud that the whole airport turns into chaos for many of the passengers.

Ha Yun Lee, a K-pop idol, actor and singer, came back from his world tour, tired and exhausted but still smiling so that his fans will enjoy the moment of seeing him. He is one of the most handsome idol in his generation but his life is full of controversy because of one girl. ” Thank you everyone for coming here to welcome me home.”, as he vowed and hurriedly join his bodyguard in the car that is waiting for him. He wave goodbye, and everyone screamed!

Hannah Kimberly Jones, Corporate Lawyer, Economist, Philanthropist, a professor and Advocate of change to help the poor and the needy. She is a famous ghost blogger, active in all social media flat-form but nobody knows what she looks like. No personal link account accept for her alias Mama Kim. With a large number of followers and subscribers many are being intrigue who is Mama Kim. Many followers are truing mimic her way of making things, but no one could ever duplicate her work.

The next morning, she found herself inside the hotel room without remembering what happened to her last night at the airport. It was only a loud noise that she remembered, that was her last memory. Suddenly , there was a knock from the door. ” Good evening, Missy! did you sleep well?” ” Mikee, what are you doing here? Thought you were in England,” she exclaimed! “Well, I arrived two days ago. Do you think I will miss this vacation with you for a lifetime.. No way Lady. Lets go!” Michael said. ” Where we going ?”, asked with amazement.

” How about the Airbnb?” she asked Michael, ” Forget it, I already deal with it. There are so many fraud here in Korea but not all of them, sorry , lucky I came first.” he explained. ” Give me 10 minutes to prepare, thanks.” she continue. While Hannah at the shower, she cant stop thinking the glance of the guy in the car. He’s tall, charming, gentle yet you can see his eyes is so empty and lonely. ” O what a tragedy, poor him.” she think to herself.

To be continued…..

Just Blend in’ ?

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” It is magic when two people fall in love” unknown

Allow me to sip my coffee before I begin my story. Yes, love is the most beautiful thing that will happened when two people fall for each other. But the question is, what if that love is bound by customs, traditions and mostly what if he is already taken?
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Being a new comer to a certain place is a very difficult situation. When I came to this part of the North, I knew nobody. Only the employer that hired me are going to be the first person I will knew. The agency that help me to processed my papers was the one drove me to my new workplace. When I got to the place it was so new to me. The people in that place are so warmed and very welcoming.

The blend in moment, at first I really wanna go back where I came from, but there’s no turning back . These people are my new family now and the children are so nice that they put nice pictures and drawings on the wall for me to see. It’s quite touching and memorable for me. It’s the first time somebody did those for me. Those are the unforgettable moment of my life. Anyways, that was twelve years ago. Although the rest is history, still fresh in my mind how that little prairie changed my life, and gained new perspective .

I never knew nor ever imagined that I would step into a New World like this. The picture of perfect place and environment where there is no pollution, there is no brown outs ( we called that for power shortage in the third world developing countries), where Wi-Fi is unlimited and fast. The children have the freedom to choose what to wear, where pants and jeans can go together, where you can wear a socks with two different colors and no one cares. There are no neighbors whose early in the morning are like alarm clock buzzing around the neighborhood telling everyone the hottest news in town. And one last thing, there is no karaoke in the street that makes you become zombie in the morning because you did not sleep well in the night. I’m really glad to blend in here.

Being Asian, our traditions and customs are far different from the Western countries. Our family ties are very different, we Asian love to be together forever, we need to finished school and get a degree, our parents choose the degree for us… it’s kind of lineage of a job. After finishing College or University, you need to find a job and help out the next siblings to finished their studies and so on. And time is passing you by, your boyfriend or your girlfriend can’t wait any longer, so they find someone else. Now you are heart broken, that’s the time parents are pushing their children to get married, the time that you are no longer interested to blend in!

But with regards to blend in relationship, Asian people has different side of stories. Divorce are very delicate issue and it’s a big scandal to the Asian world, whether you are entertainer, artists, politicians or just ordinary one. Your life will be in the spotlight for a moment of time. Just as the saying goes,” make nine good deeds, people forget them all for one single mistake.” That I believe, we people have the same in common. Well, I did not tell you yet about arranged marriages and so forth. Maybe next time!



Have you ever than this thinking? What should a woman do after they reach the age if 40? Some of them thinks about midlife crisis, and some wanted to begin their life when they reach 40’s. Funny things aside, I was wondering too. I thought when I will reach this age it will changes me, but there is not much to change except for getting much of my weight. Yes, I am ! And this time instead of avoiding them I might think of a solution to prevent them or I might say delaying them to happen. Our mind is the battlefield. Our mindset should be redirected. Today I re-blog this article of mine, because I wrote this when I started my blog but seems no one noticed it. At that time I really didn’t know what to do. But things seems going on the right direction, so lets begin to …………

1. SHAPE UP. We need to get back in shape in order to create the other things that set before us. Stop reasoning about the things we cannot do, but we need to start doing things that we hate, like waking up early in the morning, instead of being lazy start a little bit of walking then stretching, avoid eating unhealthy and start to watch your food intake. Read books and magazines it will energize your brain. Take vitamins and minerals. Don’ t be stubborn

2. SAVE UP. Income is everything! Start saving your future if you don’t have any.Its not too late. Whether we like it or not we are facing retirement. Don’t spend money that’s not on your account it will stress you out.Do not always pray for breakthrough, pray for financial stability and prosperity.

3. BE INFORMED. Learn new skills, new things, upgrade yourself. Attend seminars, go back to school if you can, attend gathering and fellowship, if you don’t have friends go to church you will find one. Don’t avoid people, learn a new trends, updates your status. Facebook is good but try also Instagram, Twitter and create your own blog .Go to the library and read books, watch the latest news.

4. BE CREATIVE. Don’t stop! The world is too big. Go travel. Life is too short to waste it all. Begin your life with a good perspective. Start a new things, kick out negativity and replace with new mindset. Being creative is not expensive just put it into practice to make it perfect.

Today is new day, a new season to begin with, let us recreate ourselves into a more meaningful way, always celebrate the good things that are yet to come . Let’s finished strong!

Garment of lights



“ The Lord wraps Himself in light as with a garment; He stretches out the heavens like a tent”- Psalm 104:2

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“The night is nearly over, day is almost here. Let us stop doing the things that belongs to the dark, and let us take up weapons for fighting in the light. Let us conduct ourselves properly, as people who live in the light of the day- no orgies or drunkenness, no immorality or indecency, no fighting or jealousy. But take up the weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ, and stop paying attention to your sinful nature and satisfying it’s desire.” Romans 13:12-14

How to start Online Business?

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Well, that question came to my mind as well. Just like you, I am fascinated of doing things on my own. I like to have my own time with my self. I like to have my own time with my family, with my children. I want to have a vacation that I do not need to deal with my boss when I come back to work. The “ I want word “, in reality does exist, but it requires a lot of hard work before you make it happen. Yeah girl, you really need to discipline yourself before you can make it. Before you can make things happen. Struggle is real!

How to make online business thing pop up into my mind. And as you do , and as others do, I open my computer began to type on my SEO , and everything was there. All information is already there. Many of them are talking too much that make a lot of sense if you have a lot of time to listen and read. But with those too much information I forgot what to do next, then I see myself watching them, listening to them the whole day and I did nothing for my self. You know what I mean? Because of too much talking, too much reading and too much information you forgot about your own purpose why you wanted to this yourself. Your ideas, your niche, your topics , your originality was replace by others opinion. Well, there’s nothing wrong about it if you want to improve your craft, but being you! Yes you! it’s more easy to start if you stick to your plans, than being in the shoes of other people. Isn’t it right?

Anyways, I have four very simple ways to say on how to start your online Business.

NUMBER ONE: MAKE IT SIMPLE- doing the simple things make your life easier. Develop first a habit. Make it a habit for a week to wake up early in the morning like 4 AM. Why? Your morning routine will give you a very fresh ideas to begin with. No one is awake yet at that time so you will have more time to think. Fresh ideas will just simply flow out of your mind. Make it simple , start it with a habit.

NUMBER TWO: MAKE IT CLEAR– do not complicate things when your starting a business. You need to state your goal. Stick to it. Your passion should be your driving force. Don’t try to duplicate others if you are not in the business of duplication. Having a clearer path will lead you to a very simple logic and ideas. When you have clearer goal in mind , its easy to communicate, its easy to duplicate and give you a satisfaction guaranteed results.

NUMBER THREE: DO IT FAST– one thing that I’ve learned in this business of online world is that, if you have a fresh ideas put it in writing. Fresh ideas will not last- serve them while it hot. Why? Because when you think that you can go back after your fresh manna is serve, it’s no longer there. The convictions and the emotion is no longer there, that’s why its very necessary for you to do things faster, when you have the urgency to do so. Because your profit will come when you least expected. Do it fast. Do it with a cause and a purpose.

NUMBER FOUR: MAKE DOABLE– make every effort to develop your own system. Let other duplicate things that you are doing. Its very important that repetitions is simple. Now a days, having the system to do thing will make our lives easy and simple. Coffee shops , fast food chains develop a system that can ease the life of their employee and so are you. As an entrepreneur we should develop a systematic approach that will ease our life, in order to promote the growth in our business.

And lastly, how to make business on line? Be confident. Smile. Be proud of who you are. Do it simple, clear, fast and doable . Now you are ready to promote your business and ideas.

Genius ways to promote your business online

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” Bonjour!” How are you doing today? What to say or what to write are not so matter this days. We are all living into a very opinionated world. Everyone had their own opinion on things and often those who are more opinionated wins.

Well, what should I say? Maybe you are just like me, airing your opinion doesn’t matter, because you hate arguments or you don’t want to spent so much time on things that consume too much of your time.

Are you familiar with the word quoted in the bible,” Many are called but few are chosen.’? There are so many books , testimonials, videos, ads and so many ways circling in the worldwide web on how to promote businesses online. Most of them they have a very interesting niche that people are really into it. Interestingly, you are not alone in the world that are looking for something that will connect you to your inner core. Deep within your luscious passion, there are so many input in your thoughts from your heart that wanted to burse out. You wanted to tell the world that you have a voice inside of you that you want other people to listen too.

Good news is, today is the day! If you are reading my blog and you wanted to be heard, but you are so shy. Why not start to get a pen and draft your life into it. Put your words of thoughts into action. Have you ever heard the saying, “Pen is mightier than sword.”? To act on your passion will definitely reward you one at a time. As we are in the world of many information take advantage of it. But, be genuine to your own craft and convey to your audience what you are really passionate about.

When promoting your business online, you don’t need to be on someone else shoes. Because I will tell you, that standard is very hard to maintain. You better start your business low and learn from the process rather than starting mighty then one day, you wear off that other shoes you’re wearing. Ok lets go down to Simple yet Genius ways to promote your business online:

  1. ORIGINALITY. No one beats a genuine person and no one put a bless man down. Your sincerity to present your craft to your audience makes you unique. While other learn to trust you, you also building your confidence and momentum. Be who you are when you are starting your business. Wear your uniqueness and do it right.

2. PASSIONATELY. Find something you believe in and be willing to fight for it. Your passion will drive your business to a long way. Explore your curiosity, don’t be afraid to learn and do new things. Don’t be afraid to fail, those are stepping stones. In this world, we earn and we learn that’s how we test our ability to perform. Doing the same thing at the same time will create a system to your business. Deliver your platform with integrity. Your audience know if you are genuine, so express your passion with a purpose.

3. CONSISTENCY. No one beats a person with consistent ability. You are an eye catcher. Your clients definitely go back or stay if you keep yourself visible. You are easy to access. Be consistent on your accessibility. We are living in a world of the fast- in order to compete with them you need to adapt. Seeing yourself to be in the business you need to articulate. Experience and try new things is good, but do not keep distance with your originality and passion. Be systematic and learn the flow of online business. Upgrade yourself, enroll on courses that will help you to grow your business. Don’t be afraid to invest in your learning, motivate yourself to grow more deeper with your crafts. Learn from the expert.

4. COMMITMENT. Your commitment will go a long way. It is the engine of your online business. You are a business owner, you are obliged to serve your customer with satisfaction. Challenge your creativity. The way you dedicate your time and manage your time is also a big challenge. Putting your online business is not enough to sustain your ability to generate income. You must follow your commitment everyday, allow yourself to immerse on your platform. Put your shoes into your customer perspective. Develop your vision to your industry. Act on your mission statement. Commit your business to quality and you will never go wrong.

Do it with love. Aside from being genuine, passionate, consistent and committed, whether you have all the qualities of being a good entrepreneur with an exceptional talents: LOVE still the greatest driving force to promote your online business. Why? Oh, I think you have the answer to that!.