Month: October 2020


Advertisements “Opposite Attracts. Will they survive?” Can this be the beginning of something big? –short story The last trip ” Sorry there is no name like that here!”….. phone was hanged up from the other line. Exhausted! Tired and almost blurry sight came to… Continue Reading “CO- LOVES!”

Just Blend in’ ?

Advertisements The blend in moment, at first I really wanna go back where I came from, but there’s no turning back . These people are my new family now and the children are so nice that they put nice pictures and drawings on the… Continue Reading “Just Blend in’ ?”


Advertisements Have you ever than this thinking? What should a woman do after they reach the age if 40? Some of them thinks about midlife crisis, and some wanted to begin their life when they reach 40’s. Funny things aside, I was wondering too.… Continue Reading “WHEN YOUR 40’S AND YOU ROCK!”

Garment of lights

Advertisements A LOVE LETTER TO THE SOUL “ The Lord wraps Himself in light as with a garment; He stretches out the heavens like a tent”- Psalm 104:2 A LOVE LETTER’S APPLICATION “The night is nearly over, day is almost here. Let us stop… Continue Reading “Garment of lights”

How to start Online Business?

Advertisements Well, that question came to my mind as well. Just like you, I am fascinated of doing things on my own. I like to have my own time with my self. I like to have my own time with my family, with my… Continue Reading “How to start Online Business?”

Genius ways to promote your business online

Advertisements CONSISTENCY AND COMMITMENT ” Bonjour!” How are you doing today? What to say or what to write are not so matter this days. We are all living into a very opinionated world. Everyone had their own opinion on things and often those who… Continue Reading “Genius ways to promote your business online”

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