Opposite Attracts. Will they survive?” Can this be the beginning of something big? –short story

The last trip

” Sorry there is no name like that here!”….. phone was hanged up from the other line. Exhausted! Tired and almost blurry sight came to Hannah Kim after the phone was drop from the other line.

It was cold, foggy, dark night in Incheon International Airport when her airplane landed in the Korean peninsula. It was her first time to land in this foreign land, and her last destination before going back to her so called normal life.

“So quiet here,” she told to herself, so she decided to call the Airbnb booking that his bestfriend Michael made when she is doing her tour in Asia. She almost forget about this destination. She dialed her roaming phone so many times, finally someone on the other line picked up the phone. “Can I speak to Mr. Park?” Hannah ask. ” Sorry, who you?” said the guy on the other line. ” Mr. Park!” said exhausted Hannah. ” No Mr. Park name here!”, he drop the phone. Hannah left hanged in the open.

Meanwhile a new airplane just arrive at the runway. And all of the sudden, girls from all corners of the airport came to the entrance door screaming. ” Oh what a night!” she commented. Most of the girls are screaming so loud ..” Ha Yun Lee! Ha Yun Lee!”…..ahh! And they scream more and more. It’s so loud that the whole airport turns into chaos for many of the passengers.

Ha Yun Lee, a K-pop idol, actor and singer, came back from his world tour, tired and exhausted but still smiling so that his fans will enjoy the moment of seeing him. He is one of the most handsome idol in his generation but his life is full of controversy because of one girl. ” Thank you everyone for coming here to welcome me home.”, as he vowed and hurriedly join his bodyguard in the car that is waiting for him. He wave goodbye, and everyone screamed!

Hannah Kimberly Jones, Corporate Lawyer, Economist, Philanthropist, a professor and Advocate of change to help the poor and the needy. She is a famous ghost blogger, active in all social media flat-form but nobody knows what she looks like. No personal link account accept for her alias Mama Kim. With a large number of followers and subscribers many are being intrigue who is Mama Kim. Many followers are truing mimic her way of making things, but no one could ever duplicate her work.

The next morning, she found herself inside the hotel room without remembering what happened to her last night at the airport. It was only a loud noise that she remembered, that was her last memory. Suddenly , there was a knock from the door. ” Good evening, Missy! did you sleep well?” ” Mikee, what are you doing here? Thought you were in England,” she exclaimed! “Well, I arrived two days ago. Do you think I will miss this vacation with you for a lifetime.. No way Lady. Lets go!” Michael said. ” Where we going ?”, asked with amazement.

” How about the Airbnb?” she asked Michael, ” Forget it, I already deal with it. There are so many fraud here in Korea but not all of them, sorry , lucky I came first.” he explained. ” Give me 10 minutes to prepare, thanks.” she continue. While Hannah at the shower, she cant stop thinking the glance of the guy in the car. He’s tall, charming, gentle yet you can see his eyes is so empty and lonely. ” O what a tragedy, poor him.” she think to herself.

To be continued…..

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