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Have you ever than this thinking? What should a woman do after they reach the age if 40? Some of them thinks about midlife crisis, and some wanted to begin their life when they reach 40’s. Funny things aside, I was wondering too. I thought when I will reach this age it will changes me, but there is not much to change except for getting much of my weight. Yes, I am ! And this time instead of avoiding them I might think of a solution to prevent them or I might say delaying them to happen. Our mind is the battlefield. Our mindset should be redirected. Today I re-blog this article of mine, because I wrote this when I started my blog but seems no one noticed it. At that time I really didn’t know what to do. But things seems going on the right direction, so lets begin to …………

1. SHAPE UP. We need to get back in shape in order to create the other things that set before us. Stop reasoning about the things we cannot do, but we need to start doing things that we hate, like waking up early in the morning, instead of being lazy start a little bit of walking then stretching, avoid eating unhealthy and start to watch your food intake. Read books and magazines it will energize your brain. Take vitamins and minerals. Don’ t be stubborn

2. SAVE UP. Income is everything! Start saving your future if you don’t have any.Its not too late. Whether we like it or not we are facing retirement. Don’t spend money that’s not on your account it will stress you out.Do not always pray for breakthrough, pray for financial stability and prosperity.

3. BE INFORMED. Learn new skills, new things, upgrade yourself. Attend seminars, go back to school if you can, attend gathering and fellowship, if you don’t have friends go to church you will find one. Don’t avoid people, learn a new trends, updates your status. Facebook is good but try also Instagram, Twitter and create your own blog .Go to the library and read books, watch the latest news.

4. BE CREATIVE. Don’t stop! The world is too big. Go travel. Life is too short to waste it all. Begin your life with a good perspective. Start a new things, kick out negativity and replace with new mindset. Being creative is not expensive just put it into practice to make it perfect.

Today is new day, a new season to begin with, let us recreate ourselves into a more meaningful way, always celebrate the good things that are yet to come . Let’s finished strong!

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