Just Blend in’ ?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

” It is magic when two people fall in love” unknown

Allow me to sip my coffee before I begin my story. Yes, love is the most beautiful thing that will happened when two people fall for each other. But the question is, what if that love is bound by customs, traditions and mostly what if he is already taken?
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Being a new comer to a certain place is a very difficult situation. When I came to this part of the North, I knew nobody. Only the employer that hired me are going to be the first person I will knew. The agency that help me to processed my papers was the one drove me to my new workplace. When I got to the place it was so new to me. The people in that place are so warmed and very welcoming.

The blend in moment, at first I really wanna go back where I came from, but there’s no turning back . These people are my new family now and the children are so nice that they put nice pictures and drawings on the wall for me to see. It’s quite touching and memorable for me. It’s the first time somebody did those for me. Those are the unforgettable moment of my life. Anyways, that was twelve years ago. Although the rest is history, still fresh in my mind how that little prairie changed my life, and gained new perspective .

I never knew nor ever imagined that I would step into a New World like this. The picture of perfect place and environment where there is no pollution, there is no brown outs ( we called that for power shortage in the third world developing countries), where Wi-Fi is unlimited and fast. The children have the freedom to choose what to wear, where pants and jeans can go together, where you can wear a socks with two different colors and no one cares. There are no neighbors whose early in the morning are like alarm clock buzzing around the neighborhood telling everyone the hottest news in town. And one last thing, there is no karaoke in the street that makes you become zombie in the morning because you did not sleep well in the night. I’m really glad to blend in here.

Being Asian, our traditions and customs are far different from the Western countries. Our family ties are very different, we Asian love to be together forever, we need to finished school and get a degree, our parents choose the degree for us… it’s kind of lineage of a job. After finishing College or University, you need to find a job and help out the next siblings to finished their studies and so on. And time is passing you by, your boyfriend or your girlfriend can’t wait any longer, so they find someone else. Now you are heart broken, that’s the time parents are pushing their children to get married, the time that you are no longer interested to blend in!

But with regards to blend in relationship, Asian people has different side of stories. Divorce are very delicate issue and it’s a big scandal to the Asian world, whether you are entertainer, artists, politicians or just ordinary one. Your life will be in the spotlight for a moment of time. Just as the saying goes,” make nine good deeds, people forget them all for one single mistake.” That I believe, we people have the same in common. Well, I did not tell you yet about arranged marriages and so forth. Maybe next time!

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