How to start Online Business?

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Well, that question came to my mind as well. Just like you, I am fascinated of doing things on my own. I like to have my own time with my self. I like to have my own time with my family, with my children. I want to have a vacation that I do not need to deal with my boss when I come back to work. The “ I want word “, in reality does exist, but it requires a lot of hard work before you make it happen. Yeah girl, you really need to discipline yourself before you can make it. Before you can make things happen. Struggle is real!

How to make online business thing pop up into my mind. And as you do , and as others do, I open my computer began to type on my SEO , and everything was there. All information is already there. Many of them are talking too much that make a lot of sense if you have a lot of time to listen and read. But with those too much information I forgot what to do next, then I see myself watching them, listening to them the whole day and I did nothing for my self. You know what I mean? Because of too much talking, too much reading and too much information you forgot about your own purpose why you wanted to this yourself. Your ideas, your niche, your topics , your originality was replace by others opinion. Well, there’s nothing wrong about it if you want to improve your craft, but being you! Yes you! it’s more easy to start if you stick to your plans, than being in the shoes of other people. Isn’t it right?

Anyways, I have four very simple ways to say on how to start your online Business.

NUMBER ONE: MAKE IT SIMPLE- doing the simple things make your life easier. Develop first a habit. Make it a habit for a week to wake up early in the morning like 4 AM. Why? Your morning routine will give you a very fresh ideas to begin with. No one is awake yet at that time so you will have more time to think. Fresh ideas will just simply flow out of your mind. Make it simple , start it with a habit.

NUMBER TWO: MAKE IT CLEAR– do not complicate things when your starting a business. You need to state your goal. Stick to it. Your passion should be your driving force. Don’t try to duplicate others if you are not in the business of duplication. Having a clearer path will lead you to a very simple logic and ideas. When you have clearer goal in mind , its easy to communicate, its easy to duplicate and give you a satisfaction guaranteed results.

NUMBER THREE: DO IT FAST– one thing that I’ve learned in this business of online world is that, if you have a fresh ideas put it in writing. Fresh ideas will not last- serve them while it hot. Why? Because when you think that you can go back after your fresh manna is serve, it’s no longer there. The convictions and the emotion is no longer there, that’s why its very necessary for you to do things faster, when you have the urgency to do so. Because your profit will come when you least expected. Do it fast. Do it with a cause and a purpose.

NUMBER FOUR: MAKE DOABLE– make every effort to develop your own system. Let other duplicate things that you are doing. Its very important that repetitions is simple. Now a days, having the system to do thing will make our lives easy and simple. Coffee shops , fast food chains develop a system that can ease the life of their employee and so are you. As an entrepreneur we should develop a systematic approach that will ease our life, in order to promote the growth in our business.

And lastly, how to make business on line? Be confident. Smile. Be proud of who you are. Do it simple, clear, fast and doable . Now you are ready to promote your business and ideas.

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